Learning from sports is a customized workshop series.The workshops emphasises on lessons about winning graciously, losing with dignity and sticking round when things go tough. It is more about life lessons and building of character.

The sessions reinforce that sports strongly develop certain personal characteristics, like respecting your peers, responsibility, persistence and self discipline. The participants are led through a series of team sports and learning sessions where they not only benefit in their professional life but also improve their emotional well being.

This culture of sportsmanship gives participants positive feelings, self confidence and experience of handling real life situations. Sharing the wisdom and life knowledge gained during the learning sessions, the participants are guided to draw parallels to their life situations to craft their own life stories. This is the essence of Learning from Sports workshops.

Stepping out of our Comfort Zone

"Stepping out of our comfort zone" is a day workshop designed by Acclivers under their flagship program, Learning from Sports. The workshop draws parallel from sports world, aiming to bring the participants out of their comfort zones. It encourages the participants to gain mastery over the fear factor and build confidence by expanding their comfort zone and develope an attitude for trying new and bigger things. Be a fear-conqueror. This is total freedom.

Public Speaking

Acclivers, through its flagship program, Learning from Sports, offers “Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking” workshop by drawing inspiration from the sporting world. The workshops are interactive and provides an opportunity to shed stage fear and take the podium by storm. The result: confident individuals learning how to effectively and calmly speak to a group.

Custom Workshops

Acclivers is also open to customising workshops to the needs of our clients. Just let us know your requirements and we would deliver the content tailored to your needs.

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