Acclivers offer a choice of customisable programs that impart learning in life-skills such as self-belief, discipline, resilience, leadership, teamwork and innovation; skills that are necessary for creating joy and shine in life.

The well researched curriculum help in realising inner potential and abilities, and inspires to chart out a positive outlook to life.

We offer three programs , where in the philosophy of learning from sports is reflected in all modules. The difference in each program lies in the format and execution.
Sports Stories
A unique story based life skill training program designed to provoke visionary ideas and meaningful action.
Learning from sports
A Resilient attitude. A Confident outlook. A Winning habit. Learning from sports workshops can teach all this and more.
Acclivers Connect
Our periodical talk show. Connect with successful sports achievers, listen to their stories and get inspired.
Life skill eduction provide the necessary tools to an efficient, professional and productive behaviour.

Life Skills are “abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life” (WHO). Adaptive means a person is flexible in his approach and is able to adjust to different situations. Positive Behaviour implies the forward looking approach, whereby a person finds solutions and opportunities even in difficult situations.

Life skill training is an empowering tool to act responsibly, take initiative and control. Traits like self-awareness, empathy, creative thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills are required to build healthy relationship and manage life in a healthy and productive manner. A combination of thinking and social skills leads to a good self-management which is the need of the hour.

Life Skills are not inherent. They need to be taught. When young minds are trained to overcome the emotional impasse arising out of daily conflicts, anxieties and peer pressure, they are less likely to stumble when faced with challenges.

Our modules are well researched and offers a wide range of benefits to the participants
Find new ways of thinking and problem solving
Recognise the impact of their action and take responsibility
Develop sense of confidence and self-awareness
Develop negotiation skills and the ability to network
Committed and resilient attitude
Develop a winning attitude and lead by example