Life is like a bike ride. One has to pedal harder on an uphill slope to get to the top. In other words, an accliver is an achiever par excellence aiming to conquer the steep slopes that life offers and keep going higher and higher no matter what challenges life throws.

Our tag line climb, ascend, rise and soar signifies the dimensions of the efforts and the resultant success we garner as one strives to rise.

We strongly believe that every individual has within him an inherent quality to be an accliver. Our passion is to stoke this inherent quality with a little ounce of inspiration.

A Cost Accountant by profession, and a trainer by choice, Venkat has worked with diverse clients in Banking, Finance and Audit domains over the last 16 years.

With his rich experience in interacting with different culturally diverse people, he turns out to be a people's person and establishes excellent rapport with his trainees.

Being a sports buff and with a deep understanding and knowledge on various sports, Venkat tries to blend sports with life and brings about a transformation in the trainees.

He believes in the adage that "When you've got something to prove, there's nothing greater than a challenge."

Sudha, with more than a decade of experience in creative designing, takes care of research and content development for acclivers.

She passionately believes that a bigger learning happens when we start observing and absorb the learnings from around us. She innovates simple yet meaningful tools for delivering a content.

A multimedia professional and an avid photographer, with an eye for unusual angles in all frames, Sudha adds new dimensions to the way we work and innovate.

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